Friday, October 28, 2005

Bye Bye, Winston

05-10-09--006Today's subject involves an evil neighbor lady who leaves the door to her house wide open at all hours of the day.

Ok, that's fine. Maybe she's crazy. I don't care.

Unfortunately, sometimes my (former) cat Winston darts out the front door. He's a very friendly cat. Likes people, feels at home wherever he is, etc. So he naturally wanders into evil neighbor lady's front door for a visit.

What does evil neighbor lady do? Call the police, of course. Here I am, watching my toddler, and this cop pounds on my door. He says that I'll get a warning this time, but if it happens again I'll get fined like $150.

I can't afford that. And my wife and I can't simply drop toddler and 2-month-old to go chasing after the cat. So we got rid of him.

I sent a nice letter to evil neighbor lady explaining our solution. It had its intended effect. She came over saying she felt bad, and apologized. I didn't really accept it. I'd rather she live with the guilt for a while.

Either way, that was definitely a crappy day. I hope evil neighbor lady's day is, too.