Sunday, April 27, 2008

Reflections of Christ

I was forwarded me this beautiful slide show featuring photos from an exhibit entitled, "Reflections of Christ."

From the website,
The Reflections of Christ photography exhibit is a collaborative effort on many peoples part to teach about Jesus. The primary goal of the project was to create photographs that could cast new light on our perceptions of Christ. I hope that through the words and actions of our cast, crew, and me I guess, that the reader will be aware of how we feel about Jesus.
The photography exhibit is currently on display at the visitor center at the LDS (Mormon) temple in Mesa, Arizona.


I stumbled across an excellent review of the exhibit. Here's an excerpt.
As I think of the many exhibits of art and photography I've enjoyed over the years, exhibits that brought tears from viewers have been rare. Tuesday night was one of those rare and dramatic moments. How fortunate I was to be in Arizona this week, with just barely enough free time on Tuesday night to dash over to the Mesa Temple and see "Reflections of Christ."

As I walked through the gallery again, the message delivered by this majestic work of art was stronger than ever: Jesus Christ is real! He is real, as real and as tangible as any of the people in these realistic photos. His love is real, His triumph over death His real, His grace is real. And each of us will one day stand before Him, kneel before Him, and recognize Him as our Lord. When that moment comes, we will either recognize Him as our Lord whom we have sought to serve and already know, or as a stranger who was far from the thoughts and intents of our hearts. May it be the former! But in either case, we will see that He is real, more real than any scene in any photograph. So why wait? Why wait for reality to surprise us when we can accept it now - accept Him now - and prepare for that wonderful day when we are united with the Lord, our true and very real Friend and Savior.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Quote of the Day

Most people on the right have no problem understanding people on the left because many, if not most, were on the left themselves when they were younger. But many, if not most, people on the left find it inexplicable how any decent and intelligent person could be on the right.
- Thomas Sowell

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Detroit Public School Graduates are Scarce

When you look at the latest batch of native Detroiters, it's no wonder the city is in such a huge mess. Latest of many cases in point: Detroit schools rank last in graduation rate.

Having graduated from a decidedly average California high school, I'm guessing that maybe 5% of my class didn't make it. In Detroit? That number is nearly 70%.

That makes the remaining 30% the best and brightest of the city. The leaders. The councilmembers. The movers and shakers. The next hip-hop mayor.

The future looks bleak for Detroit. And the ailing auto industry is the least of its worries.