Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy Birthday to #300,000!

The Independent, a UK pub, issued a guilt-ridden, accusatory article on how those American clods are hogging all the world's resources. After reading it, all I can say is, "Boo hoo." But I was able to glean a nugget of awesomeness from it:
"America is the only industrialised nation in the world experiencing significant population growth."
Gee, isn't that the goal? I know in many circles, (particularly those elitists who can't stand the unwashed masses, and countries like China who have little regard for human life) a growing population is a bad thing. But everywhere I've lived, the goal is to grow the economy, grow the workforce, expand the company, etc. All with the intent to create a higher standard of living.

The article points out that Americans consume far more resources than their fair share. What's "fair"? Are they suggesting that our trillions of dollars worth of resources and manufactured goods simply be doled out to nations crippled by corrupt governments and economically unviable cultures? Are impoverished countries somehow more moral than America by virtue of their economic status? Regardless of the horrific human rights abuses that many of their governments perpetuate? That's quite a definition of fair. Sounds like the Democrats' version of "economic reform."

Well, enough of my rambling. In stark contrast to the gist of the Independent article, I welcome the 300 millionth American with excitement. One more person to grow our economy, innovate advancement and spread the American way of life.

Congratulations, little Pablo!


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