Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Windows Vista and Quicken: My First Hangup

It seems the fine folks at Intuit aren't so fine at keeping Quicken 2007 current with Microsoft's new operating system. I tried installing Quicken 2007 on my new machine last night, and the install failed when it tried to install the software patch. Worse, the uninstall doesn't completely work. I did find this workaround on a Quicken forum:

"I have been struggling with the same issue all day with installing Quicken 2007 in Vista. I was unable to uninstall Quicken 2007 after the install did not work properly.

My solution. 1. I installed Quicken 2006. 2. I uninstalled Quicken 2006 through Windows "Uninstall Programs". 3. I then uninstalled Quicken 2007 through Windows "Uninstall Programs" (It actually worked which amazed me.) 4. I reinstalled Quicken 2007 from the hard drive (although I don't know if this was necessary but I read it from another post). Finally, I did not let the auto update run during the installation process. After all of that, I can now use Quicken 2007 R2 without a problem on my Vista machine."
I'll have to try that tonight. Crossing my fingers.

Well, it looks like my Quicken problem was much ado about nothing. What seemed like an installation error turned out to simply be a very long wait for the patch to install completely. It didn't help that the Vista window said "Not responding." Oh, well. Still, for being my first issue with Vista, it's not that bad of a problem.

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