Saturday, April 28, 2007

New Dream Theater - Constant Motion

Few are more excited about Dream Theater's upcoming new studio album than I am. It seems like they outdo themselves with every album, and that's saying quite a bit, considering the height of the bar they have set. According to drummer Mike Portnoy, the defacto leader of the band, "the new record breaks tradition in that it is does not have a central theme."

With that in mind, I thoroughly enjoy the song the band has released in advance of the album Systematic Chaos. Constant Motion definitely comes across as more of a "shredder" song, with supernatural chops and little in the way melody--at least until you get to the chorus. But I am pleased to learn that this is no overarching theme or sound to the entire album. As good as this song is, I could see myself tiring of the style after a few plays.

Download it, and give it a listen. Seeing as the file was released directly from the band's website, I don't think it should be a problem.

Dream Theater should be in town in August. They skipped us last time around--so I'm making sure not to miss them this time.

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