Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Writing. Sometimes It Sucks.

Okay, some would argue I'm not a writer. I'm a copywriter. Because for a living I write blurbs and slogans and headlines and supporting sentences used to market products and ideas. As opposed to a writer, who ideally follows his creative muse into areas so profound and compelling that they just scream to be experienced by legions of readers. Who knows, they probably have a point. But copywriting pays the bills, the work is regular, and it's rarely the same every day.

Today, I don't enjoy writing.

Even we commercially-based copywriters have the approximation of a muse to inspire us within the strict confines of marketing objectives and target audiences. And when that muse don't sing, our fingers don't type.

Well, they type just fine. It just turns out to be doggerel. Which is why I'm up at almost 1am in the morning. Working on stuff I should have written during the day. But couldn't because my muse didn't show up for work.

So why am I writing this post? Taking a break, I guess. Now it's time to take another breath, and plunge back in and find the words that escaped me earlier. I know they're in here somewhere. Maybe hiding behind that Unique Selling Proposition.

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