Friday, June 01, 2007

Today's Anti-Romney Diatribe

And now a word about Mitt Romney from an authoritative source on spirituality and religion.

The press has crowned him the "Dr. Phil of prayer" and "The next big thing in mass media religion." He's the face behind, performing "Prayer Requests and Miracles 24 hours a day!" He broadcasts a daily Internet audio and video message prefaced, appended and riddled throughout with pleas for money "to help those that hurt." Let's give it up for the president of Bill Keller Ministries, Mr. Bill Keller!
If you vote for Mitt Romney, you are voting for Satan!

Last weekend Pat Robertson, founder of CBN and Regents University, had Romney deliver the keynote address to the graduates of Regents. Regents is one of the great Christian colleges in this nation and Robertson allowed this cult member to deliver the commencement address. Is he out of his mind?

Romney winning the White House...WILL ULTIMATELY LEAD MILLIONS OF SOULS TO THE ETERNAL FLAMES OF HELL!!! [Emphasis not added]
Thank goodness there are people like Mr. Keller who really exemplify the Christlike attributes of tolerance and love. Funny thing, though, is that he's now being investigated by the government for mixing politics and religion. They could revoke his tax-exempt status for his public opposition to Romney.

So you need to open up your hearts and your pocketbooks and send him more money to help him make up the shortfall.

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