Monday, September 24, 2007

Mormon Prophet Honored; Distinguished Author/Historian Pays Tribute

This item is newsworthy not just for the bestowal of the Municipal Citizen of the Century upon Gordon B. Hinkley, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but also for words of wisdom from noted historian and author David McCullough. From the article:

Delivering the luncheon's keynote address, McCullough fretted that more and more Americans are historically illiterate and no longer write, or can think, the way John Adams and Abigail Adams did.

"To write well is to think clearly. To write very well is to think very clearly," McCullough said. "And we don't do much thinking on paper any more."

McCullough urged increased emphasis on history, wherein he said lie lessons of humanity. "History is about consequences, the consequences of actions. It's about faith, about human nature."

He added, "We are up against a force today that believes in enforced ignorance. We do not."

"How often today," McCullough said, "do we hear people say, 'Now, are you comfortable with that?' She is saying exactly the opposite of that. 'Comfort, schmomfort.' 'Great necessities call out great virtues.' If you want words of inspiration to print on a banner that would explain how it could be that we could have achieved what we did in that founding time against such odds, there it is, 'Great necessities call out great virtues.'"

It's a short, inspiring read. So hop to it!

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