Friday, September 07, 2007

Stream of Conciousness - A Long Post for the Sake of Long

This is an experiment. Seeing as I have a few minutes to kill between meetings, I thought I'd post something that has no relevance to any reader out there (not that there are any at all). Basically I'm going to type until my meeting. Whatever spews forth from my fingers. Isn't that great. It should end up being the longest post I've written so far. But with far less thought.

It isn't very often that one's fingers have an opportunity to spew. Literally, I mean. I suppose if you hit a finger very hard with a sledgehammer, it could spew blood. I can't think of much else that a finger can spew. Figuratively, my fingers spew all day. Writing headlines, taglines, witty phrases and long-winded rationales for whatever copy I've come up with for a recent project.

Come to think of it, I think my fingers spew much more each day than my mouth does. Figuratively, I mean. Now a mouth is much more capable of physically spewing than any of the 20 digits. But then we get into the realm of bodily fluids, etc., which means it's time to change topic.

I've been moved to a new office location, which has increased my commute from about 40 minutes to about 60. Or even more during rush hour. My remedy? Get to work at 7am. That's right. This morning I left the house at 6:15am, and got to work roughly 45 minutes later. I figure I can use that extra 40-plus at home with the family, rather than moving along at 2 miles per hour during rush hour. Good for me!

So the Republican debates in New Hampshire were the most watched so far--squarely surpassing Bill Clinton on Larry King, who had roughly have as many viewers. I didn't watch either. Instead I finished up a freelance project and played a little Civilization 3. Who needs to watch the debates when you can see the highlights on the Internet the next day.

Unfortunately, it seems the media consensus was that Mitt Romney didn't have his best night. Not that he floundered or gaffed, but that he didn't really stand out from the crowd. Which is important in such a crowded field. I'm not worried about it, though. Romney's polling has been consistently on the rise for the past few months--and as you know, slow and steady wins the race.

Fred Thompson? I think he'll be more of a flash in the pan in this race. Historically, former senators very rarely win presidencies, and former governors do so quite frequently. As for former mayors, that's anyone's guess. I think that by Super Tuesday (or is it Super Duper Tuesday now?) it will be basically be between Giuliani and Romney.

Should I add images to this post? That might be interesting--and I've just decided that I will. I've been looking for an excuse to find and post a picture of a bloody finger, and now I have the perfect opportunity.

What should I have for lunch today? I'm quite hungry. For breakfast I had my TV dinner of turkey, dressing and potatoes. Nothing beats that for breakfast, except maybe cold pizza. Or waffles. I could eat waffles for every meal. I miss being able to zip home and make waffles for lunch. Now the entire endeavor would take over two hours. Not that I ever did make waffles for lunch before. It was usually spaghetti or something.

My new office has no stash of silverware. I've had to eat my lunches a couple times without using utensils. I'm glad nobody popped in on me while I was slurping up chicken and rice.

So my coworker got himself an iPhone the day after they came down in price. Hey, if he's willing to shell out for something that makes him happy, more power to him. I couldn't justify buying it, if only because its trendiness is off-putting. Besides, the only functions I would really use I already have with my basic cellphone. Thanks, but no thanks, Apple.

Okay, I'm getting too hungry to continue typing. It's so hard to spew on an empty stomach. And that is the truth on so many levels.

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