Friday, July 11, 2008

Going to Publish God's Moral Code? That's a Lawsuit

Leave it to Michigan courts to hear a case about some dude who's suing a Bible publisher for causing mental anguish. To the tune of $60 million.
Fowler is seeking $60 million from Zondervan, alleging their Bibles refer to homosexuality as a sin have made him an outcast from his family and contributed to physical discomfort and periods of "demoralization, chaos and bewilderment."
What's also interesting is that Mr. Fowler isn't referring to current editions of the New King James Bible, but editions published in the 1980s, which have since been edited to remove the hurtful concepts. Fowler:

"This misrepresentation is a willful and deliberate tort. Fraudulently imposing a written defamation or libel in order to prevent me from marrying someone of the same sex in this state," his lawsuit states. "This obvious coerced method of mind control and social dictatorship violates the religious [sacred] laws which prevent anyone from adding to the Biblical scriptures or from taking any words away from the text."

Interestingly, it appears that both the plaintiff and defendant deny the divine and irrevocable decree that God's laws cannot be simply amended to accommodate our own transient partialities.

Apparently the biggest sin of all is to proclaim moral standards that may induce feelings of guilt.

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