Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Must-Read: Obama, the postmodernist

It's a rare article that hits the nail on the head so squarely that I just have to stand back in awe of the achievement. Here's such an article, by Jonah Goldberg in USA Today.

It's all about "Obama, the postmodernist." And it reveals Obama's "it's true because I say it is" approach to addressing innumerable issues. You really must read this article in its entirety. I've never seen a campaign summed up quite so well.

A couple snippets:

"Asked to define sin, Barack Obama replied that sin is "being out of alignment with my values." Statements such as this have caused many people to wonder whether Obama has a God complex or is hopelessly arrogant. For the record, sin isn't being out of alignment with your own values (if it were, Hannibal Lecter wouldn't be a sinner because his values hold that it's OK to eat people) nor is it being out of alignment with Obama's — unless he really is our Savior."

"On the troop surge, Obama's position has changed countless times, but he says it's unchanged. Worse, he has this grating habit of prefacing his new positions with something like "as I said at the time." But he didn't say "it" at the time, he said the opposite of "it." But saying that he said "it" is, to him, the same as having said "it.""
Okay, those clips don't give it justice. Just read it for yourself.

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