Friday, September 12, 2008

Congressional Republicans Gaining Advantage?

This was supposed to be the election where Republicans are swept under the carpet upon which they've been prostrate for the past two years. But suddenly the 2008 elections – heavily favoring Democrats in terms of open seats and vulnerable precincts – are competitive again. Whether the excitement surrounding the McCain-Palin ticket is translating into Republican voter activism, or the Democrats' vision shows a complete lack of connection to real people dealing with real issues, polls indicate a virtual congressional tie, sure to make Democrats think twice about what they thought was a sure-fire victory in November.

Says Gallup,
Republicans, who are now much more enthused about the 2008 election than they were prior to the convention, show heightened interest in voting, and thus outscore Democrats in apparent likelihood to vote in November. As a result, Republican candidates now lead Democratic candidates among likely voters by 5 percentage points, 50% to 45%.
If trends hold, it's even possible that Republicans could win back both Houses of Congress. And what would be the reaction of the left? Utter bewilderment. And what they don't understand will definitely continue to hurt them.

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