Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Letter To My Senator

After reading this bit linked from Drudge, I responded to my dear senator with this email message:
Dear Senator Stabenow,

I was alarmed and dismayed to learn today of your intention to push for "accountability" on the airwaves. Reinstating the Fairness Doctrine would only diminish the accountability of radio stations toward their customers, the advertisers. Worse, rather than increasing the value of the marketplace of ideas, it would severely limit the sort of information and entertainment the radio listening public clearly wants. On top of that, it would place an undue financial burden on radio stations forced to air unpopular programming to meet an arbitrary political quota, naturally resulting in lower advertising revenue and diminished service to the listening public.

I strongly urge you to drop your support of the Fairness Doctrine, or whatever you decide to call it. It is the height of hubris to dictate to the market what it can and cannot listen to.
Before now, I was only mildly annoyed at Stabenow. But today I'm putting her on Hummus or Hubris. It's only fitting.

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