Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Politicians Overwhelmingly Deserve Their Reputation.

Why is it that so many politicians can't uphold the most basic tenets of honesty, integrity and morality?

The latest example of broken promises is Sen. John Ensign (R), Nevada, who admitted to having an affair with a staffer after being extorted for money.

John Ensign with his clearly repulsive wife.

This is one of the tamer admissions in the past couple of years. Recall John Edwards who repeatedly denied having an affair before being forced to come clean and end his presidential bid. Or Larry Craig, who was prosecuted for soliciting sex in a Minnesota bathroom. Or...well, I could go on for hours.

Now I'm breathtakingly far from perfect, and I'm glad I won't be the one with the gavel on Judgment Day. But is it really that hard to keep a promise? Is it really that hard to keep your hands out of the cookie jar? Is it really that hard to deliver on campaign promises while avoiding trickery or clever wordplay?

What is it about people who run for office that makes them so corruptible? I'm surrounded by people at work and church who display much more integrity. I'd choose any number of them before voting for any of my current elected officials.

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