Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Unaccounted high-speed cosmic matter migration may point to influence from other universes. Woah.

According to, new studies reveal galaxy clusters that are zipping through our universe at an amazing 1 million mph--without any observable motivation. The really cool part of the story:

The researchers think dark flow may be caused by structures that lie beyond the horizon of our own universe. As odd as that may sound, some cosmologists think that our universe is actually only a bubble of space-time that was created during a period of rapid cosmic expansion, called inflation, after the Big Bang. Other bubbles may also have been created where inflation took place at a different rate, and perhaps something in one of the other bubbles is tugging at our universe.

That's almost mind-blowingly deep. So how do you go about verifying a force that resides outside the known universe? Beats me.

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