Monday, January 13, 2014

Behold: The Bolivian Navy You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About

So I recently and randomly was thinking about Navies in other countries. I can't really say why; maybe it was one of those free-association shower ruminations that I have so frequently. And I got to wondering about those Third World, landlocked countries that still boast a Navy. Because they exist.

Most of these countries have a "Navy" for "brown water" operations, namely the traversing and patrolling of rivers and lake within their territory.

And so I came across the Bolivian Navy. I think it's the only landlocked country with a website devoted to its navy. And it's awesome. Almost as awesome as this inspiring video:

You see, the Bolivian Navy serves a grander purpose than simply patrolling Lake Titicaca and Amazon tributaries. Indeed, the Bolivian people are proud of their rich naval heritage. Their navy is symbolic of their national desire to reclaim the coastline taken from them by Chile in the War of the Pacific in the late 1800s. One day, they believe, they will have the opportunity to reclaim their access to the sea and once again proudly sail the Pacific. They even have a national festival to celebrate their desire for this vindication: Día Del Mar (Day of the Sea). The festival is marked by an hours-long parade in the capital of La Paz.

And hats that are effective at keeping the sun out of both your eyes and mouth.
So let's tip our own hats in salute to the awesomest Navy-without-a-sea in the world. May you one day regain the port you so rightly crave.

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