Thursday, October 26, 2006

Al Gore On Earth's "Full-scale Planetary Emergency"

All style, no substance. If rhetoric was cats, Al Gore would put crazy old cat women to shame. Seriously.

I don't have time left today to give this article a scathing enough review, but there's enough hot air in Gore's speech to the Wirefly X Prize Cup Executive Summit 2006 to induce global warming on a scale beyond his wildest happy fantasies (which are wild enough already).

He treats us to some wonderful gems. On the possibility of mankind emigrating from Planet Earth:
"We didn't do a really good job of evacuating the city of New Orleans [due to the onslaught of hurricane]."
On our planet's "rising fever,"
"If the crib catches fire you don't say: ‘Hmmm, how fast is that crib going to burn? Has it ever burned before? Is my baby flame retardant?"
On Earth studies,
"It's still shocking to me that we have more detailed information in some fields about Mars and Venus than we have about Earth."
His speech appears to be littered with so much hyperbole, without the backing of reputable scientific theory, that it's more an exercise in gratuitous blather than a reasonable call to caution.

Read it for yourself. You'll see. Thank goodness he didn't win in 2000.

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Sasquatch said...

You don't know what you're talking about. If Al Gore weren't alive, we'd all be walking around on a burned-out planet, like a bunch of vulvas.