Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thomas Sowell...A Great Thinker

For today's post, I direct your attention to my favorite columnist: Thomas Sowell (bio). I've been reading his articles since my early teens, and every reading is a graceful academic exercise reaffirming my own common-sense ideas and ideals. An economist by trade, this guy has the best-thought-out arguments about everything ranging from liberal activist judges to elitist environmentalists to anti-war peacemongers. Read any comments below his column, and you'll find very few well-crafted rebuttals--a testament to his strong grasp of today's issues and how they fit in the moral scope of the country.

I like his quiet, no-nonsense style. Pretty much the exact opposite of most other talking heads (liberal ones in particular). Check out his column. You'll be smarter for having done it.

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