Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Deep Mikhail Gorbachev

Doesn't Gorbachev have anything better to do? Apparently not. I can't figure out why anyone puts a microphone in front of the guy.

I refer to an A.P. story in which our esteemed former and defeated communist dictator compares the Berlin Wall with the United States' future border fence with Mexico.

I, too, compare the two barriers. I compare them thusly:

One was designed to keep defectors from escaping. The other is designed to keep illegals from entering.

Honestly, it's the difference between the walls of a prison, and the walls that might surround a country club. Or Disneyland. Or a petting zoo. A petting zoo that a bunch of people want to walk in and see for free.

So Mr. G., we understand your chronic humiliation in being defeated by Reagan, but show some dignity and shut it. Please.

Oh, and the picture? Nothing says "desperate for attention" like posing with Teri Hatcher.

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