Monday, April 02, 2007

Romney Wins the Q1 Money Race

This is only from a blurb on Drudge, but I'm sure we'll see accompanying stories shortly.
Romney: $23 million in total receipts... raised $20.63 million in primary contributions...
Rudy Giuliani: $14 million PRIMARY money raised; $17 million in total receipts...
It's a critical achievement for Mitt Romney, who needs this boost at a time when his name recognition barely registers in the national polls. This sends a message to party activists that he is a viable, long-haul candidate with the resources to challenge the Democrat nominee, whoever that turns out to be.

Update from the Romney camp:
"Facing opponents in an extremely competitive fundraising field who enjoy universal name identification and the clear advantage of existing networks of contributors, Governor Romney's fundraising totals are indicative of the extraordinary success the campaign has had at building an organization and stirring excitement among grassroots activists responding to his message," said Romney spokesman Kevin Madden.

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