Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Eagle Scout Earns Every Merit Badge

A Maryland Eagle Scout and high school senior just earned the last of all 121 Boy Scout merit badges. For those who aren't indoctrinated in Scouting lore, that's quite an accomplishment. Achieving the rank of Eagle (scouting's highest honor), requires 21 merit badges. And a lot of work. I think I earned a total of 26 or something.

From the article:
Calderwood qualified for his final merit badge, bugling, following a recent hiking trip on Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro. While climbing the East African peak he was frequently seen practicing. Scout officials said the bugling merit badge requires six months of practice.
So this sounds like a very frou-frou scout troop. Hiking on Mount Kilimanjaro? No wonder he had the time and resources to get all those badges. Even so, he'll probably take his dad's fortune 500 company and turn it into a fortune 10 company. Because this kid's obviously an achiever.

Gratuitous side note: I got my bugling merit badge at the age of 16. So there!

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