Tuesday, February 05, 2008

McCain/Huckabee Backroom Deal!

It's too odd to be a coincidence. In West Virginia, Mike Huckabee somehow surged from a distant second behind Mitt Romney to win the primary, along with the state's delegates. How did this happen?

It all has to do with W. Virginia's primary process. After the first round of balloting, the weakest performers drop out (in this case, John McCain and Ron Paul). Their supporters then vote again among the remaining contestants (Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney).

If you look at the numbers in the article, virtually 100% of McCain's supporters backed Huckabee in the end. Far to many for it to be a coincidence.

Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic reported Tuesday that, after the first ballot, McCain’s campaign called his supporters there and urged them to vote in favor of Huckabee.

“Unfortunately, this is what Senator McCain’s inside Washington ways look like: he cut a backroom deal with the tax-and-spend candidate he thought could best stop Governor Romney’s campaign of conservative change,” Beth Myers, Romney’s campaign manager, said in a statement.

If antics like this are what cause McCain to win the primaries, then the Republican Party truly will have destroyed itself.

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Carson said...

I agree, too big of a swing to be coincidental. It's not enough to lose, but to try to sway the last round of voting towards the candidate that is the least threat to his campaign? Unbelievable...

Huckabee has been complaining this isn't a two man race for weeks. Although he'd never admit it... I think he should view this as a bit of a slap in the face (dirty trick by McCain) to sway possible votes away from Romney. McCain / Huckabee ticket?

It's probably obvious my political affiliation. However, I said to my wife earlier that I'd support Obama before voting for John McCain...