Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Romney Presses Onward

Despite disheartening showings at yesterday's Super Tuesday primaries (and collusion between his opponents), Mitt Romney vowed to fight to the finish.

"This isn't just about the heart and soul of our party, it isn't just about which party's going to win in November. This is about the future course of our country," he said to about 500 supporters, many of whom wore stunned looks on their faces as the returns came in.

"I'm convinced that if Washington continues on its same course, America will emerge not as the great nation of the 21st Century by the end, but as a second-tier power. It will be passed by someone else; I can't tell you who it will be, but it will be passed by someone else."

Romney added: "That will not happen. We'll keep America strong."

Does Mitt have even the smallest chance of winning the White House? That depends on whether all those conservative pundits who flocked to him this past week remain faithful, or if they abandon their principles in favor of the more dominant candidate. If conservative talk radio is loud and consistent in its support of Romney over the next couple months, a turnaround is possible. But that's a big IF.

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