Wednesday, February 11, 2009

UPDATE: Stabenow Backs Off Fairness Doctrine

Hey, it looks like my email to my dear senator had an impact. This article looks into the skirmishes between right-wing radio hosts and left-wing politicians, citing Sean Hannity's role in bringing the issue of the Fairness Doctrine to the forefront. For the record, I wasn't aware of Hannity's role, rather forming my opinions from what I read on Google News.

I'm glad, though, that Stabenow backed off her earlier comments. Nobody likes people yelling at you, and apparently her skin is thin enough for it to matter.

On a related note, Camille Paglia says this about the Fairness Doctrine:
The failure of liberals to master the vibrant medium of talk radio remains puzzling. To reach the radio audience (whether the topic is sports, politics or car repair), a host must have populist instincts and use the robust common voice. Too many Democrats have become arrogant elitists, speaking down in snide, condescending tones toward tradition-minded middle Americans whom they stereotype as rubes and buffoons. But the bottom line is that government surveillance of the ideological content of talk radio is a shocking first step toward totalitarianism.
Read the previously posted email I sent to Stabenow.

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